Author: Patrick
posted: 08.30.2007


Hi! My name is Josh and I’ve been playing bass for about 14 years. I started when I was just a young child and learned most of what I know from my father. His musical prowess helped me to grow and develop one of my own. The styles of music that I have played have included such things as bluegrass, country, Christian praise and worship, rock, blues, jazz, and punk. I find that when I listen to most music now, I don’t do so to relax (even as that may be my intention), but I find myself imagining that I am the one playing the song and I wish that this is how I would sound. My favorite bands currently include Rush, Victor Wooten, Stanley Clark, Dave Matthews Band, and Nickelback just to name a few.

I find it very exciting to once again to be playing with my long time friend, Doogie. We have played together off and on for about 10 years. It has come to the point now that when we play together; we know exactly what the other one is going to be doing. I have known Steve for some time now as I went to school with his oldest daughter. I have nothing but praise to say of him and his abilities. Pat I have just recently met and am enjoying every minute that we get to spend together in music. His brilliance is helping to inspire me to better myself.

I love to get the chance to talk about music and the bass guitar. Feel free to get in contact with me before and after shows as well as through this website. I will definitely enjoy hearing your comments.

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