Author: Patrick
posted: 06.15.2007


Hello! I love guitar music and I love to play guitar. I played piano and studied music as a child but began playing guitar relatively late at the age of 19 after meeting Steve while attending college. I’ve been obsessed with playing ever since. Steve introduced me to the acoustic music of singer songwriters such as Neil Young, James Taylor, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens and Joni Mitchell. Their songs were the first I learned to play on guitar. Steve taught me the basic chords and how to fingerpick the guitar. I continue to be inspired by the classic folk and singer songwriter music of the 70’s as well as the contemporary guitar music of players such as Leo Kottke, Adrian Legg, Tommy Emmanuel, David Wilcox and the late Michael Hedges.

It is very interesting and exciting playing in Brother Blacksmith. Steve and I are similar enough that we find common ground for mutually satisfying music yet different enough in our approaches and expressions to keep it exciting and wonderfully unpredictable.

In Brother Blacksmith I get to play many roles. I enjoy playing lead guitar on both electric and acoustic and also on many tunes I’m the only guitar while Steve gets to concentrate on singing. I have also recently begun singing harmony vocals behind Steve on some tunes. My singing is inspired from the traditions of bluegrass music and the contemporary harmonies of singer songwriters such as Gillian Welch and Patty Griffin. Oh, if I could just get the opportunity to sing one song with Gillian Welch!

I love to discuss music, guitars and playing. Please catch me before or after a set and introduce yourself. I would love to hear your comments and feedback!

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